“…dynamic master of the wood flute”

-The Isthmus


New album!

Whistle for the Feis (and Other Occasions) with Vidar Skrede on bouzouki and guitar is out!  The concept here is two parallel combinations of instruments: the D whistle with bouzouki and the Bb whistle with guitar. This project includes three tracks for feis dancers at competition tempos!  I hoped to give a nod to John Doonan’s Flute for the Feis, which came out in 1972. 


Jigs: Old Man Dillon / Humours of Ballingarry / Larry the Beer Drinker 


Reels: Richard Dwyer’s/ Holly Bush / Drunken Cow 


Fig for a Kiss

New EP with Kim Robertson


Kim and I team up to record music we have been playing together for over 12 years; the album is meant to be organic and slightly arranged with room for us to be who we are on stage-each instrument shining, yet allowing the other its moments.  It was a great pleasure to be in the studio with such a musical, close friend!  The only thing we’re missing is the shade we sometimes throw at each other:)  Happy listening!

Track of the week

New track from Myserk, featuring new member Vidar Skrede!

Video of the week:

Myserk Under the Bridge – Hank Aaron State Trail

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