“…dynamic master of the wood flute”

-The Isthmus


New album coming out in August 2018!

Listen here to preview Whistle for the Feis (and Other Occasions) with Vidar Skrede on bouzouki and guitar.  The concept here is two parallel combinations of instruments: the D whistle with bouzouki and the Bb whistle with guitar. This project includes three tracks for feis dancers at competition tempos!  I hoped to give a nod to John Doonan’s Flute for the Feis, which came out in 1972. 


Jigs: Old Man Dillon / Humours of Ballingarry / Larry the Beer Drinker 


Reels: Richard Dwyer’s/ Holly Bush / Drunken Cow 


Fig for a Kiss

New EP with Kim Robertson


Kim and I team up to record music we have been playing together for over 12 years; the album is meant to be organic and slightly arranged with room for us to be who we are on stage-each instrument shining, yet allowing the other its moments.  It was a great pleasure to be in the studio with such a musical, close friend!  The only thing we’re missing is the shade we sometimes throw at each other:)  Happy listening!

Track of the week

New track from Myserk, featuring new member Vidar Skrede!

Video of the week:

Myserk Under the Bridge – Hank Aaron State Trail